Box in water glitch

My friend told me in one of earlier levels, maybe airboat he had this weird glitch happen. He climbed onto a box from the water and was shot straight into the air at an amazing speed and hit the ceiling right away, then fell to the ground. I think there’s a good chance you already know about this. I was thinking it might be usefull somewhere. There’s the obvious use of gaining height really quick. Maybe launching up into a sloped or curved cieling that sends you out with some horizontal velocity. Maybe there’s a way to do something similar but have it launch you in the horizontal direction. I saw the clip with the barrel halfway in the door launch. I’m guessing this are both related glitches evolving weird behavior from objects launching a player. Perhaps there’s more ways to do this.

It’s probably pretty rare. I don’t think we’ll be making any demos of it.

Hmm, I’ve never had that happen, and I’ve messed with climbing on objects from the water quite a bit (actually got myself stuck in a few).Was he using God mode or any other console commands? With God mode you can sometimes be launched by things that would otherwise kill you. It’d be pretty hard to recreate without some details.

I doubt he was using god mode, but I can understand why that would make sense. It sounds like he was sent up at max velocity. You can get catapulted by an object with the hl2 engine and not take damage right? My guess is something like that happened where the object made some incredibly quick movement for an odd reason.

I had the same thing happen in city 17 and have been unable to reproduce it.It was from the fighting part before Alyx get’s caught on the roof where you have to lower sheild to blow up a generator. So what happened was that I tried to get through the opened gate as fast as possible after blowing up the generator.I just flew up into the sky and then fell back down… :S

Oh yeah, stuff like that can happen with things that have pre-set animations, such as Dog throwing a car, for a recent example. You’re able to be pushed and thrown through the air. Is Guest still Spider-Waffle?

The first guest was me, the second one wasn’t.My same friend just got launched again up really high, he didn’t think there was a sky box. He stood where a tripods foot would be as it’s coming up from the street in front of you. He says he could make a demo.

yeah. try and get him to make a demo, it will be alot easier to see whats going on then.

yesterday I got that box in water glitch but up-side-downI jumped onto a box, drifted off and got a huge boost into the water - it’s a pity that I do not have a demo :frowning:

yet again, demos would be helpful. However, as there arent any serious water parts that I can think of between here and the end, it might be a bit late to be discovering new tricks! :ph43r: still would be cool to find out how/why its happening though.


k got a demo of the "into the water glitch"2 tries later after I recorded the demo I got a launch up in the air! if I get it to work another time I will post it hereDemo: Download here

That was pretty cool Kiudee, you go down real fast…the second time is the coolest - with the box underneath you…cool stuff!And I suppose that water has some special physics-bugs - water-physics-bugs is one of the few things that we haven’t really tried to find…it’s a bit late now considering that all water levels are done - but it would still be cool to see more water-physics-bugs!

It is something like ( I hope I can explain it with my bad english) you come out of the water and give the box a push and if you then land in the right moment on it you can get a boost upwards.

a bit off topic, spider-waffle, didnt you make a kickass metroid run?

I found another interesting thing related to the “into the water bug”:Demo: Download hereIt seems that after I boosted into the water my weight increased massivly - like you can see I was very slowly moving and as I stopped pressing any keys I sank to the ground again.(I think that won’t ne useful but it is nice to see :wink: )edit: I think I know now how the “air boost” works - You have to push the object from the underside while trying to jump onto it. It is like you are hovering it a bit and if you jump then you get the speed :slight_smile:

Odd suggestion, theory, or whatever. What if you could pull off this box glitch, catch something on your way into the air, and fly from there? I don’t know if that would work at all, but I’m just kind of, throwing it out there.