Aww, I was going to show that trick in my vid. Anyway, we can afford 2 satchel jump in this map, so we will directly fly to the building. Also, we can use propflying to get there too.

#3 Once you get inside here is a decent route


We cannot afford a rocketjump, because we will need health for the 2-satcheljump in bm_c2a5f

EDIT: Or not, I have a better route than satchels


Plenty of ways to get in.
You’ll have to get the flyable prop in this little room between the map transition. This was more of a flying showcase, than the actual route, but it works fine too.
Satchels are the fastest, but you lose plenty of health.
Gauss might be the best, if you want to do it quick and not lose any of the health.


Unfortunately, I’m not a supporter of prop flying for speedruns of this game because it requires scripting. :-/


Well any BM run done on here is most probably gonna be scripted, so that’s what a lot of the routes will be containing…


I wouldn’t count on it…