First map of surface tension. Easely skippable w/o gauss


I did that in my first playthrough, which I’ll be finishing later today, without the use of any boosting. You can surf the entire canyon to the pipe. I’ll be uploading each part tonight, hopefully.


I actualy know that its possible to do it without any boost. I also recorded it and put it on the other video of mine which is unlisted, and I couldnt bother linking it, because it also has other content (routes, skips and tricks) than the dam skip. Most of people on skype chat seen it anyway, but if you want, I can link it here too.


Here you go:

The route of bm_c2a5b needs to be fixed because I didnt look at Health Managment that seriously, but I will cover that in my next bmstuff video as well as other stuff I found already.


Found this object boost today. I guess it is faster than a gauss boost(?)


Gauss is probably fastest as you use it to gather a bunch of speed as you leave the tunnel and use it to keep going. (Would need to stop to get the barrel otherwise)