Wow, nice.


I finally made this jump today. It took a couple of hours to figure out what exactly causes you to go up like that. My conclusion is that when you look up, you are moving the barrel up, which, when jump-crouching, can cause it to hit you from underneath your feet. This causes you to go up and forward. I wasn’t able to get it for the longest time because the dead body of the bullsquid in that area was actually restricting the barrel’s movement, and I never knew it, because Gordon can walk through dead bodies. This strategy is the greatest and most useful boosting trick in this game. You can get vertical height and horizontal distance this way.



All the standard default settings, yes. Apart from the FOV that we set to 90 if I recall correctly.

I guess you mean the camera jitter in toten’s video? That’s just a demo playing bug, you can fix it by simply typing “cl_interp 0.00001” and “demo_interplimit 99999999” in console before playing demos.



Holy shit, Rama… We really need to revive the run now…


Can’t help feeling sad about this. Now, instead of a dozen amazing tricks we’ll see just one that doesn’t even make much sense. :frowning:


Wow… Amazing find!


Good freakin’ job Rama!


Rama is apparently the God of clipping. Seriously this is insane :o

canals_11 skip

How do you guys feel about prop clipping? It’s really unreliable and is more of a TAS strat in my opinion but it would allow for a couple of more skips. I’m just worried it will make the run boring to watch.


I don’t know about other people but I’d say whatever’s fastest should always be favoured in a speedrun. Plus crazy clips that skip entire maps are pretty hilarious to watch IMO :slight_smile:


Not that I’m involved with this, but segmented runs are virtually no different from TAS in these types of games anyway; you’ve got unlimited segments and already a very minor level of tool assistance so I’d say go as fast as possible.

If it turns out that there’s an interesting enough route without the trick, just do a (No Prop Clipping) or “without major skips” run or something 8) .


Such a thing does not exist in the context of speedrunning Source games. :o


Hey nice meme