Blue Shift


Hi! I recently picked up Half-Life: Blue Shift and consider making a new segmented run for it using NGHL and YaLTeR’s Bunnymod XT, which will allow me to use a higher framerate than the previous run by quadrazid and rayvex. The other reason as to why I feel that a new run is due is because of this skip I found recently:

This skip brings issues with timing however, which is sort of why I felt the need to create this thread. The previous run started the timing at the beginning of ba_security1 (right as the tram ride ends), while this skip require time in ba_tram3 to ultimately skip to the end of the ba_security1 level. Should I start timing just as ba_security1 loads to keep compatible with the old run, or how should I go about timing this?


As far as I’m aware all of the previous runs begun timing on the changelevel to ba_security1, so I don’t see any reason why it should be changed, especially since you still need to actually enter the changelevel for ba_security2 before you can progress.

This is kind of similar to the OpFor Boot Camp freeze trigger escape bug. The timing was never changed despite the fact that in Zhouy’s run he was sat waiting at the end of the room for the cutscene to finish, whereas in exec’s run he was free to go.


Blue Shift [font=arial, sans-serif]20:03 HYPE
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]but really though that would be fuckin fantastic, a rerun of blue shift