Blue Shift in 25:03 by quadrazid and rayvex


Team Pwnage proudly presents…

Half-Life Blue Shift in 25:03

VLC Player recommended
1280x720 60fps X264
Thanks to coolkid and oazis for hosting.

Youtube, 720p
Time table / planning sheet.xls

more to come


I knew something like this was coming when you hinted at a surprise some weeks ago :wink: Can’t wait to see this.



BS has always had a special place in my heart, and I thought I knew that game really well but even for me there were some nice surprises. Not to mention the beauty of seeing some of the jumps, boosts and strategic smg-nades… this was unexpected but it was a wonderful suprise :slight_smile:

Another great production from quadrazid and rayvex.

Score: 5/5 toasters!


Thanks a lot Dale :>
Comments are mighty appreciated!


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! <----- Me drooling

Just downloaded the REAL vid, Youtube is for pussies. Gonna watch it on my TV with some fresh made popcorn while laying in bed, EPICNESS!

Brb gonna watch…


This has to be the most insane HL speedrun I’ve seen so far. There’s so many tiny details with great importance and I barely realized any!
(This will make Groobo go bankrupt. :D)

I’d also like to add that the editing was flawless.
Well done again, Quadrazid and Rayvex. :slight_smile:


This speedrun was extremely well put together! Of all the speedruns I’ve ever watched, this is one of the absolutely most optimized ones. Crazy entertaining and the details were astonishing.



Woah, nice work!


I’m so depressed my internet was down when this came out! :’(


I think I’m going to make a commentary to this, similar to my OF commentary.
Unfortunately I only got access to the compressed MP4 file this time. Anyone with knowledge how to AVI it best?

edit: or simply how to make vegas read the mp4


What do you mean - “make vegas read the mp4”?
Importing MP4 into timeline? If yes, this might require installing that pesky QuickTime to your computer or some other codecs, I dunno.


Due to having win xp x64, Im only able to run vegas 8 pro or earlier. Only 9 and above can read mp4s.
I have no success searching for mp4 fixes, so converting might be the only way.


Have you never planned a SS for Blue-Shift? could be the first BS Single-segment ever


I have already done a BS SS, it will obsolete the segmented one currently on SDA.


Why don’t you do segmented scriptless runs and put them on SDA? I bet you could beat SW’s time for Half-Life without scripts if you do a segmented run.


Because scripted runs are more awesome


I see no reason to put that much extra work only to get it on SDA.

So much more time and effort to make a segmented run scriptless, which would have slightly less tricks and be slightly slower. Stupidity. And imo segmented runs aren’t even about skill in that matter. It only would take more time and be less attractive for the majority of audience.

SS runs makes so much more sense to do scriptless.


Also the fact that SW’s was scripted, and the current unscripted is empty


Also, I think pruno is working on a scriptless run.

But that dude never posts here so it’s irrelevant.


So can you put on youtube the BS single segment quad?