Blamod videos collected


I tought this topic would be useful. Here’s all the videos on YouTube about Blamod.

Canal’s Blamod Taste by TYPICAL

SPD Wood by CooL

Blamod: HL2 Speed Mod by Inexistence

Post your blamod vids and I will add them here.


Once and for all… COULD SOMEBODY LINK ME BLAMOD! I’ve tried to find it but it’s freaking impossible… :’(



Fuckin’ a, we need to sticky that link somewhere.


Half done?


Why thank you my good sir!


That topic is not available for Regular users, so they can’t get that. I suggest we could have a Downloads section or something, so people could download Blamod, preupdates and/or mods that being runned.


I suggest anyone who needs help or is looking for something joins #sourceruns on quakenet :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))