Black Snow


Segmented run is complete! With the time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds (210 seconds).
From the moment player gains control and to the moment when player loses control.

Segment 1 (Research building)
Demo: 00:50 - 00:06 (The beginning takes about six seconds)
Segment: 00:44
Total: 00:44

Segment 2 (From research to garage)
Segment: 00:14
Total: 00:58

Segment 3 (Garage)
Segment: 00:19
Total: 01:17

Segment 4 (From garage to transmitter)
Segment: 00:16
Total: 01:33

Segment 5 (From transmitter to main building)
Segment: 00:24
Total: 01:57

Segment 6 (Opening padlocked door)
Segment: 00:09
Total: 02:06

Segment 7 (From door to restroom)
Segment: 00:09
Total: 02:15

Segment 8 (Getting hammer)
Segment: 00:13
Total: 02:28

Segment 9 (From hammer-pickup to dream sequence)
Segment: 00:08
Total: 02:36

Segment 10 (Dream sequence and chisel-grab)
Segment: 00:08
Total: 02:44

Segment 11 (Getting the keys)
Segment: 00:11
Total: 02:55

Segment 12 (Bunnyhop through hallway and opening blocked door)
Segment: 00:05
Total: 03:00

Segment 13 (Kitchen)
Segment: 00:07
Total: 03:07

Segment 14 (Going through cafeteria)
Segment: 00:04
Total: 03:11

Segment 15 (Keypad)
Segment: 00:06
Total: 03:17

Segment 16 (Ending)
Demo: 01:51 - 01:38 (End, credits. Credits are not included in the video.)
Segment: 00:13
Total: 03:30

Note: mat_fullbright 1 was used. Without, it’s almost impossible to see anything.


Hehe, I don’t think anyone watched this because we are too lazy to download the game for some demos. :stuck_out_tongue:


Segmented run is done! Check the video above.

I know, lol.


Nice mod, and even nicer run. It kinda reminds me of all that foundonthetape stuff - smoke monster, visions at the end… The run needs more optimization though.


Is that entire mod in fullbright?


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Either the mod is extremly bad lit or it’s actually rendered/frapsed in fullbright 1.

(I have not played the mod) The run was cool however, some of the skips looked pretty clever to me. Though as exec mentioned it could have been a bit more optimized.


I’d say it was recorded in fullbright, the mod appears to have proper lighting


Yes, it is recorded in fullbright. You have no idea how dark it would be. You wouldn’t enjoy any second of darkness…

I know there are some major fuck ups that I notice now. For an example, I could have set the grappling hook into the hole on the wall and THEN go get the blowtorch. And I could have gotten the rebar on the fly when I thought it would be pretty much impossible.