Black Mesa


So, I was poking around on the internet, and I found this: has a link to the BMS beta maps that are usable in Gary’s Mod, apparently. Should we get to testing and planning? :smiley:


OH MY GOD. Nice find. Going to try them out immediately. :DHeh. I wouldn’t be too hasty about finding tricks or making a route. It looks so unfinished that entire maps could change. Still pretty awesome to look at though.Another thing would be not mentioning the tricks here. They may fix them. :expressionless:

#3 to hold you guys over until the real thing comes out, which should be here soon.-Btw this is old stuff, this was leaked back in 2006.


I thought so. hi, btw, im new! how do we get into the members section, im a member :slight_smile:


The member’s section is used for nothing at all, we don’t even know the password :P. Add me on steam as hollerance and we’ll talk about you running with us if you wish to or anything :slight_smile:


thanks, id love to, but i need to be able to do all your cool tricks first :slight_smile: i seem to only be able to do bunnyhopping, flying and teleporting :slight_smile:


The video was removed =(


Ahhh Edfake. That’s all you really need. :stuck_out_tongue:


BMS has been released!




…and gay.


oh u


wait what happened



CooL made me do it.


Guys… I have some pretty awesome news.

Apparently there will be bunny hopping in Black Mesa.

According to JamesKane, who is some times, but not quite always, a reliable source of information.
When I asked him he said there is, and than it is toccled with a command.

Here’s hoping he’s telling the truth :3


Haha, wow that’s pretty damn awesome. I sure hope he isn’t lying, when I asked him a few months ago, he said there would only be ABH, now I’m looking forward to BM even more.


Yeah, I first brought it up a while ago, asking how much I would need to pay for him to implement it. He respended with ‘not much, my and the other coder both want it.’ Then he came across my post on the Steam Forums about re-implementing it, and wether he want ‘hey awesome, it’s easy to do’ or something, I don’t know.
I would really like to see it in BM


They’re probably trying to market the game more by doing it. If we did a run of it, it would probably end up on SDA which would encourage people who go on SDA to play it as well.

Although it’s not a bad thing. :smiley:


It’s not like they need to market it, it’s a free mod, and they have enough hype as it is. I think Opposing Force 2 needs more hype, which is why I’m doing a speedrun for that mod when it comes out.

Kandy Kane: whats more fun, for shear lawls I made it so the player can keep jumping…even in the air :smiley: