Black Mesa Source 2.0


It’s also Early Access
But I feel a thread should be made just in case anything major is added
Guess I’ll add shit here that becomes relevant


It’s a shame there is no Linux or Mac support.


Soft bunnyhop cap, which means if you jump perfectly you’re fine, but as soon as you spend at least one tick on the ground, it slows you down to the capped max speed.


Does spt work on steam version?




Spt worked on my steam version.


? really? as in the BMS that you have to buy?


What is the max speed you can reach with bhop? 3500?


Well theoretically there’s no limit(other than the 3500 per axis cap) but realistically you won’t be able to accelerate anywhere near that considering the maps aren’t very big. Also I think the speed gain you get from bhop is much smaller than it is in goldsrc.