Black Mesa East Skip


So yesterday I found a way to clip down past the elevator and walki out of bounds untill you hit a trigger which spawns Alyx, she will realize that you are not in the room that you are supposed to be, and will despawn, the game will think that she is still with you allowing you to hit the trigger which changes map. here is demo (timescaled)


Will she spawn in eli_02 though? If not, I see little point in this


Wow this works great, One tip: You should try using the pistol instead to blow it up, or else the strider will despawn preventing the map change. Wait is this for real? The date is confuse.


Try opening .dem file with notepad and find out :>


Oh wow I can’t believe I waited this long to try this. Nice one !


I hope you are aware that it isn’t April 1st anymore.


But you’re still allowed to joke :DFG


:wink: All joking aside, Does the level change require Alyx? I suppose so because otherwise the skip could actually be possible if you prop clipped maybe in the first airlock bit.


Yes, it requires alyx.


I’m Pretty sure that Mossman is meant to trigger Alyx coming into Eli’s lab. If you prop-clip from the beginning of the elevator to Mossman’s room (where she stands with the chair) the result should be the same to what you’re doing. I think it’s possible to clip out of Mossman’s room too. The only problem with doing this is that Alyx won’t come because she expects Mossman to be there while she’s not, so she despawns.
** The only way to make Alyx not despawn is to trigger the elevator so Mossman goes into Eli’s lab and then trigger Alyx to spawn.**
So far I’ve found no way to trigger the elevator and then Alyx.