Binding mouse movements to keys


I’m looking for a way bind moving my mouse axis to keys, so moving the mouse left would act as holding A and moving it right would be holding D, this that possible?


+right and +left along with cl_yawspeed should handle the yaw movement;
+lookup and +lookdown along with cl_pitchspeed for the pitch movement, however in Source the latter only works when cl_mouselook is 0.


Thanks, I’m sorry but I’m not very familiar with binding in HL, how would I bind the two?


Nevermind, I didn’t read properly. I’m sure there are some tools that would allow you to bind wasd to your mouse.


…oh, apparently I didn’t either.


I’ve searched high and low on Google, and it has offered nothing.


Here’s a crazy idea that probably won’t work that I didn’t do research for - Set up a crazy macro so when you move your mouse left it pushes a thus activating the +left command. maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, dunno.


Yeah, I get the idea of how it should work, I’m just looking for a way to actually do it.


Guess you wanna use it in some game. HL and some other games have joystick settings that works for the mouse.

For strafe only
+strafe;-mlook;m_forward 0;m_side 1


That works perfectly, but I’d also like to be able to look around and not have my head stuck in place. I’m beginning to think it won’t work.


Yeah I doubt it’ll work properly, just learn to airstrafe manually :>


Yeah, I don’t get how quad does it, he gets insane speed, whereas I just get a decent speed boost but no massive acceleration.


All comes with practice. Also make sure that you’ve got at least 250fps, that also helps a lot when airstrafing. See this for an explanation.


So if I were to bhop around at 70,000 fps I’d get insane speeds?


no, 70fps is too slow.




its ok I can’t reach 250fps in most areas, too :-[


If your fps_max value is >1000, the game simply goes faster than normal, like fast-forwarded.

But yeah, the higher the FPS the higher the airstrafing acceleration is, but the airtime becomes slower which in consequence makes your bunnyhopping slower (it takes you longer to reach your destination or touch the ground) if your FPS isn’t a division between 1000/n, and n being an integer, thus:

1000/2 = 500FPS, 1000/3 = 333.333FPS, 1000/4 = 250FPS, 1000/9 = 111.111FPS and so on, these are the proper fps_max values to use in GoldSrc.

Is that supposed to be a joke about how he used a comma instead of a full stop? You do know that a lot of countries use the commas as delimiters, right?

He found your “joke” embarrassing.


Two years ago I made a not very successful attempt on what you are trying to do. I think it’s the closest you will get without modding. Try it. Maybe you can tune it better.

alias straf0 "+jump;straf1;w;-jump;straf2;w;special"
alias straf1 "sensitivity 99;+strafe;-mlook;m_forward 0;m_side 1"
alias straf2 "-strafe;+mlook;sensitivity 5"
alias +start2 "alias _special straf0;straf0"
alias -start2 "alias _special;+mlook;-strafe;-jump;sensitivity 2.5"
bind mouse3 +start2


I don’t know why but it makes NGHL freeze.