Bhop skip trick thing


only here to see


How is this useful?


easy for people who dont know how to do that skip and that easyer but it wastes a lot of time i will work out a way so it dosnt wast time


I thought you were going to slope jump towards the trigger_changelevel near the ceiling. That would be much more useful in the previous map.


well you can do that i just find anything else hard that trick is easy :smiley:


…that’s clearly not default sv_accelerate, sv_airacclerate and sv_speed. To get over 1000 ups with default settings you’d need be doing a loop around the outside and bringing it into a ramp would require a tighter turn, would be quite a challenge just to get the up high enough reach that window.


I’m just gonna put this here.


when is HL10:40? Holy shit though, nice chamber tas


That’s with a really high airaccel; not possible normally.


As if Cone didn’t already know that : >


Holy. Shit. MY EYES!