topic says it all, any of you lot play bf2? if so, what rank are you/whats your ingame name?


no, i don’t played it, because i never liked BF.


naah, BF seems so slow.


I had already forgotten there was a sequel… Battlefield 1942 was an interesting game, however, the lag and unrealistic damage (in my opinion) were the reasons for me to start disliking it.


I wish games were more like quake1, intensive and you can get really really good at it.


with crap graphics and rubbish AI? :smiley:


QUOTE (Cat4lYs7 @ Nov 8 2005, 07:19 PM)with crap graphics and rubbish AI? :DBad AI? I have a chance after all.


lol ya. go play Quake I


BF2 sucks. It sucks hardly. I think BF42 was cool because the graphics were so supercheap so that the most of the maps were just flat ground making it possible to really operate tanks and stuff freely. But look at BF2. In every fucking corner is a box, a tree or something else. My tank can be easily be destroyed by some grenades that come out of somewhere and nothing I can do about it since there’re so many ways to go. It’s almost impossible. And the near zoom in commander mode… omg… If it isn’t destroyed it’s like a cheat you see every move - well, most times I played it the first atillery was on the enemies radar point which destroyed this cheat… nice. I guess BF42 was really good because it relly introduced vehicles into online combat, the addons were so-so but BF2…I don’t know it just sucks (the maps… the aiming… I guess it’s nice if I lay down and zoomed in but still missed everytime until he’;s near enoguh to kill me with shotgun or whatever it was). BF2 is jsut so popular because the original game was good, but I doubt it’ll have a really good future… it’ll get worse and worse… and worse…


I havn’t been gaming that long, and I havn’t actually played Quake 1, but I did download FuhQuake about 3 months back. It is amazingly fast. I also downloaded Quake 3 Arena: CPMA. I play online for CPMA. I really suck compared to the guys who, acording to them, have been playing online for more than 3 years. I started off playing a game called Tactical-Ops, now I prefer faster game, compared to the semi-realistic games. I still really only play HL2: DM and CPMA online now. I play HL2: DM A LOT more than CPMA btw :)- Gordon


I used to play TacticalOps quite a lot and stopped soon after they released TacticalOps: Assault on Terror. It used to be a great UT mod in my opinion… I think 1.6 was the best version ever. :wink:


K. I only played from 2.0 and above. I didn’t play much, mainly my brother. I really sucked at FPS back then. I would really love to get my hands on all the different versions.- Gordon


BF2 hauls ass and is very phun…I got the sequal BF2:SF also. Ziplining is teh shit :ph43r: