Beyond Black Mesa, Half-Life Film


I don’t know if you guys have seen it. But this is a must watch for all HL fans.

Beyond Black Mesa



Saw it yesterday, its very well done.


That’s awesome!

Should have done a grenade boost to get away at the end. :-\


I’m more interested in the props and scenery than the story itself, but I guess that’s kinda the point.


Why do you always have to be such a kill joy igge?


Ahh so sweet vid


I liked the effects, and the story. Everything looks like in c17. If you go to their main page, you can see “Behind the Scenes” pictures in there. They are epic! :smiley:

A.Shephard was like a ninja in that combine fight.

I was interested in props and environment, they are really nice.

Should have done a grenade boost to get away at the end.
Who knows, maybe they did? :D


Opposing Force 2 will be better x]


But yeah, that film was pretty cinematic, too bad they killed off Shephard, he’s too awesome to die :frowning:




I found that very hard to enjoy. >_>


Same here, wish I could say I thought it was funny but… It really wasn’t.

And to be honest, and to stay on-topic, I don’t like Beyond Black Mesa either. As a filmmaker I tend to notice every flaw and detail in a movie, that one had lots of 'em. Don’t like the style as well as the story, and the fighting in the end was just embarrasing. Yeah that’s right, Mr. Negative has just entered the house. However if you want a really good HL vid, watch this one:

Escape From City 17

What you’ve got there is one hell of a HL vid, though unfortunately with somewhat half assed acting.

Btw I saw your comment on the Beyond Black Mesa vid exec… I lol’d! :smiley:

EDIT: Oh I just noticed that you stole it from Typical! :open_mouth: Shame on you!


I agree with you 100%, D4rw1N. 8)


its asians in there


Funny one of them start bhopping…