"BestOf"-HL2DQ Style-Video

Hi Guys!The morsche-produktion ( http://www.morsche.net ) is thinking about making a style/effect-movie based on a “BestOf”-HL2DQ. Since it should be a style movie, it would be between 5-10 minutes long, contain a lot of neat effects and compositing and be as eye-catching as possible. Originally I thought, to convince the guys, to make that movie and afterwards come here and post to ask for the runners permission and the demos.More and more of the crew ask for demos, before starting the project, though. So I would like to ask, if we could have a few testdemos and then decide, whether to make the movie or not.References can be seen here -> http://www.morsche.net/unsere.htmThe newest release is the teaser of my upcoming CS1.6 Fragvideo.http://www.nbk-clan.net/Videos/cs-the_unsi…e-teaser_HQ.rarAlright then! What do you think of the idea/movie concept? Would the runners/orgas of HL2DQ be interested or give their permission to use the demos? And would you give us a few test demos?THX for reading and we’re looking forward to hear from you.mP|moswanted

Wow ! That’s really impressive :smiley:

Iam a fan of 1.6 and they are some great frags :lol:

Impressive teaser moswanted, congratulate :stuck_out_tongue: .

wow. thats a v nice movie! its being discussed lol :slight_smile:

good work on the teaser. Good music (indie rock!?), really nice 3d text blended into the movie.

Thx for the flowers, guys. But please don’t forget to discuss the HL2DQ-issue. Or at least watch some of the other movies, too! :wink:

Well one thing we were concerned about is releasing a “best of” video before the actual thing, is that once they saw the “best of” it would spoil the full video for them. I’m not saying they wouldn’t download it in hopes of seeing more, but if they’ve already seen the best the full video has to offer, they’ll probably be disappointed. This isn’t to say that we don’t want it, just laying out some of our concerns at the moment.However, we were looking to release a “Bonus Content” video with extra stunts, glitches, and out-takes from making the run, that would go along with the DVD version of the final movie. This could also be released seperately in whatever fashion you were going to release the “best of” video, provided hl2dq is given credit for the content. Would you be interested in that, or maybe both?

1st of all: There’s no questioning of not giving the credit to whom it belongs. If the hl2dq-project is responsible for delivering the hole content/source material, it is absolutely clear, that this will be respected in as many ways as possible within the video. This is not supposed to be a video, that “we” make, it’s a partnership. Since it would be an eSport-Movie, we also are interested in stressing the effort and the artistic character. Not to forget the people behind all these achievements.2.) Although we’re planning on working as a group on that project, it will take its time. Even if we started right away, the BestOf would not be released before the whole Speedrun-Movie. And referring to point one: We would not release any bit of the project without your permission.3.) Extra stunts would be a definite plus for a BestOf, but i don’t think, that we would be interested in producing the Bonus-Material for the DVD. It should be a different project.I understand your concerns, but we’re pretty friendly guys. It is all your material, so we won’t do anything with it, that causes any inconveniece to the involved hl2dq-actors. First step would be, to have a few test demos, so our crew-members could get an impression of the footage. After that everybody will make up his own mind, whether to start the project or not.

Well it seems alright to me in that case, and I think based on comments in the private section that I’m not alone.We don’t have links to individual demos and I am presently unable to provide them to you, but I CAN link you to the full collection of demos and give you my picks on demos to watch.http://files.filefront.com/HL2DQ_Demos___F…;/fileinfo.htmlPlease note that the _2.dem demos are simply linker demos between levels and not actual segments ;)My personal picks would be:canals_02canals_06canals_11_p2town_04coast_01coast_05coast_10coast_11_p1prison_01_p1c17_09c17_10b_p2c17_11c17_12c17_12bcitadel_04_p1citadel_04_p2breen_01_p3Since I don’t have HL2 available to me right now I just doted off some cool maps I remembered.

Haha, I would but then it wouldn’t be a “best of”, it would be a whole section :PJust picked the maps with scenes that would look good spliced. Ravenholm is sort of an “all or nothing” deal. When you get to see the whole map in one go it looks awesome, but it’s hard to cut out bits and pieces and get the same effect. Just my opinion :slight_smile:

Thx guys, I’m already DLing. I’ma get back to you, when the decision is made and enuff of us would want to make the movie.GNight!

I vote against this, but I think I’m outnumbered.

I think this is a great idea.It couldn’t be released before the full video, because they haven’t begun yet and RandomEngy is nearly done (again ;)). Also, their video would require quite a lot of time anyway.

ravenholm demos just look so constructed / timescaled / altered. i dunno. they just arent smooth like your typical maximus or suga run.

Even if under any circumstances our video would be finished befor RandomEngy is done, it’s no problem to hold back the release. There’s no rush.

some good tricks in the trick thread as well. Help yourself to:http://s7.invisionfree.com/HL2DQ_Temp_Foru…hp?showtopic=27

it wouldn’t be bad if all town runs are inclued (maybe until town_04 barrel fall). it’s about only 1minute anyway :)I think citadel_03_p2 nade gap jump would be a good addition. whole run itself isn’t good though :stuck_out_tongue: and I thought my c17_12b was crap. if only o40 could pull the big dumpster jump off :frowning: