Best of HL2DQ

long story short:a guy came up to me in irc and asked if he and his “movie crew” could make a movie of “the best of HL2DQ” i said im sure it would be fine, but he should come into the forums and make a post just to check. He was thinking of including best tricks, shortcuts techniques etc etc.I also suppose he would have to check with randomengy?

Uhm, the best of hl2dq would be the same movie with all the NPC wating cut out. :slight_smile:

Maximus was trying to poke me and get me to do the outtakes/tricks video but you can give it to these guys. Just watch one or two of their previous videos to make sure it won’t suck.

cool. well, he said he will post a topic in the forums if him and his team are interested, so we can interrogate them there.

He told me they’d be interested in making the video. He promised to post a new topic and show some of their previous work.

No because then nobody would watch the original movie.

I think someone who watches a short promotional video would be more interested in seeing the full run.

They’d watch the full video, but they would be disappointed if they’ve already seen the best the video has to offer. Also, if these guys are even any good at making movies, they aren’t looking to do a trick or outtakes video, just a “best of” video from our run. Meaning if anything we could use them to help us with the DVD background, but not the bonus content video.

I think the best of video is a good idea. My viewpoint is that it will get more people interested in the project, as RandomEngy said, as long as it isnt labelled “best of.” if people see a trick video / short clip / blah blah blah. I think they will be more interested in seeing the final version / finding out more. However, if it was labelled “best of hl2dq” people might just watch it then not watch the full vid.I realise I havnt expressed my self very well, I am in a rush lol. But basically I think its a great idea, as long as it isnt labelled “best of.” One example I can think of is movie trailers, people normally realise that they are generally the best bits, but it doesnt stop people going to watch the film. The only reason I got into hl2dq was because I saw one of LX’s runs on the front of a PC mag. I didnt think "well, Iv seen the best bits, i cba to watch anymore."One other think I have just thought of is, most people out there dont even know squat about speed running. I didnt until I saw LX’s video. If I saw something about a HL2 speedrun I never would have downloaded the massive file. However, after seeing what it was about and some of the things that were done, I was hooked! I think lots of people that would not normally download the movie, would bother to do so after seeing the trailer!edit: I have just seen his video he linked, and I think it is extremely impressive. I am now even more in favour of the video.edit:edit: at this rate, wouldnt the full run be released before this anyway?

Well, looks like they’re not interested in a majorly sliced “best of” compilation just for the DVD background OR an extra content video. They just want to do there thing, which is fine since it will be some extra promotion AFTER the HL2DQ video is released.Looks like we still need you for those two after all, Random :slight_smile:

one of my runs was on a PC mag?someone point me in the right direction, i’d love to have a little souveneir.

PC Zone I think. English PC mag. The same guys that asked for an interview. Was quite a while ago though!!It was yours and suga’s follow freeman run that inspired me (think it was that anyway :S)

I spoke to the guys at and they told me that they could mirror the file if it was a reasonable size. I mailed them back about the size that it would be around 1.5 Gb. So if they accept we will have a reliable and fast source of the movie.

are you on about the full movie dvd thingy? or the trick movie that might be made?

uhm, full movie, I posted this in the wrong topic :slight_smile:

But I guess it wont be until tomorrow because RandomEngy apparently has something called a life. :slight_smile:

i got the impression that we were just going to bit-torrent-thingy-mabob it 2moro? and only give it out to “the general public” after a couple of days?

QUOTE (magzy @ Mar 22 2006, 06:41 PM) i got the impression that we were just going to bit-torrent-thingy-mabob it 2moro? and only give it out to “the general public” after a couple of days? Well that is what we will do, that I’ve understood. But after everyone on HL2DQ has seen it and thinks it’s okey then we want to spread it to other download sites (not only a torrent)

This is off topic, but I wonder if it would be wise to release the final video in the private forum at first to get more seeds and to check there is nothing wrong with it. When the link is given to the public, it will spread exponentially and there is no stopping it. :wink: