Best HL21 Comments


Since DWaHMoV has a thread similar to this, I figured HL21 needs one as well. Post your favorite comments on the run here, from Youtube or anywhere else HL21 was linked. I’m personally partial to this gem right here, even though it is an obvious joke:

This piece of garbage is the quintessence of cheated speedruns. The whole speedrun is a 100% hack. But ofc, many dumb and zombified zealots would`t agree with me. 1) How is moving so fast? Last time ive seen such high speed was speedhack in cs 1.6. Or its just a longjump module. Btw, the video is speeded up in many moments. 2) Unralistic high jumps. 3) Going through the wals and solid object. Obvious noclip 4) Nice life hack after [url=]16:06[/url]. How stupid people could be to ignore this fact? 5) No fall dammage at all. "God 1" ftw. 6) Beautiful speedhack at final boss. 7) Nice teleportation after "Blast Pit" and in "Forget about freeman".What is it? A new Black Mesa Portal technology? Or just a shit editing to cut the time? Next time pls do a normal runs.

and this one:

"Hey guys we essentially save scummed through the whole game because we aren't good enough to one take it for a legit speedrun. Please be impressed!"


Post comment links as well, please.


The first and second links are the same, brah.


Well, the first one was actualy mine ;D . I just collected the most common complaints about speedruns and combined into a single one.


fixed, thanks

You have no authority to call this a segmented run when this is clearly a TAS. There's a difference between TAS and segmented, according to the speedrunning scene. Every segment was done using console and slowmo. Furthermore, anyone who has basic mathematics knowledge and knows hl's mechanics can realize how poorly optimized this is. Maybe you guys should have played some more AG instead of lying to people, or just kept going to school instead of making shitty videos about useless tricks. Bande de sacs à merde.

I thought this one was hilarious, the rest of his replies are just sad:

**I'm probably one of the best player the half-life scene has ever seen so I'm in my right to talk here, not you.** You people know nothing about Quadrazid and his really bad bhop skills. He worshipped the best AG players like me in the past, making dumb vids of our incredible moves that were done, unlike he did there, without any slowmo, scripts or console at all. And btw you know nothing about maths, you couldn't even now how to shoot a grenade being sure to hit a target having a "random" linear movement, so I don't even need to talk about how bh and trajectory optimization.

Why do people like this even bother commenting if they think so highly of themselves and so badly of the run? Need for attention?


I don’t understand why he keeps referring to AG. This is a speedrun, not a fucking trick jump video lol…

It’s incredible how many people think they’re HL experts on the comments section.



Sounds like he is joking to me, but I guess you can never tell on the internet.

That makes me feel old/sad.


What a dumb ego.

This is probably him:

He’s not the best AG player either.

haha this guy must have no-life... sorry awesome video but movement speed is changed from console lol



Ahh, Kotaku.

More enlightening than YouTube.


“This whole thing is cheating anyways, scroll to 16:50ish in and see the 4000 health (max health is 100!)”

  • PC Gamer article comments.




“Whoah. It’s impressing, but the game doesn’t need to be speedrunned. I agree that you should be a real master to do thing like this. But it doesn’t make any sense, just like making love to achieve orgasm in five seconds”


From the RPS article -

Here’s the full article if you want to read it, and quad, i believe they want to interview you.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, most of the people who leave comments in RPS appreciate speedruns and how intricate they are. MOST.

EDIT2: 100th post, yay!


ill give him credit, that analogy was fucking funny

Why don't you use noclip while you're at it?
get a life autistic faggot

Why are they using a controller? Wouldn't it be more effective to use a keyboard and mouse?
Not a speedrun, just nothing more than abusing an endless amount of cheats/glitches. Disappointed I got tricked into giving this a view.


Eurogamer comments are stupider than YouTube and Facebook combined.