Best EP2DQ comments


We had a thread like this for DWaHMoV so I thought I would make one for EP2DQ.

I’ll start things off:


So nice of you to start things off with my comment. :3



Well then… I feel kind of dumb now



NOTE: Your brain could explode if you are particularly sensitive to this kind of stupidity, read with caution:


At least those posts are downvoted instead of what happens on YouTube where a stupid comment gets 100000 or so likes.


“holy shit you are a cunt.”
sums it up pretty well.


I’m done.


I think the number next to the comment in Youtube is “total amount of upvotes” instead of “upvotes - downvotes” so that’s why even unpopular opinions(such as telling that using glitches are cheating) can get high ratings.


Well said, Sndrec.

Motherfuckin’ Kib

What the fuck?

Is there a physical disability people have that prevent them from reading YouTube video descriptions? Lots of people seem to have it.

Gee, I wonder.


“He just went full mario on that strider”

Best thing I’ve heard from a friend who I’ve linked the video.


I need to take these kinds of comments and feed them through a markov chain, results could be interesting.


oh of course

google pls fix



“Why did you can fly/” Much grammar


“I did can fly because I did can launch off terrain!”


“We never can-flied in this run. We flied with many other objects though!”


Damn it, they figured out our secret!


We have to cover this up immediately