Best DWaHMoV Comments


“Watching this is like watching someone desecrate an important work of art. It actually made me sick.”

Post the best comments you’ve seen about DWaHMoV


This one comes from the Polygon article, its not really about the run itself, but was posted in reply to a comment complaining about the use of glitches

TBQH, walking through the game shooting up combine would be incredibly boring. The tricks used in this game are FAR more difficult than just blasting your way through the hoards of enemies as fast as possible. Some of these tricks require insane precision, and bonus, you have to do it blind because you’re facing backwards.

I equate your argument to telling a skateboarder to keep his wheels on the ground, because the origins of skateboarding were to simply replicate surfing on the ground. Skateboards allow you to do all sorts of tricks. This game allows you to do all sorts of tricks. You bet they’re going to make the most of them.



“G-man at the beginning: “Well, let’s just say your hour has come again”
He knows…”


Well, this is from commentary of the run, i laughed at this:

Hey guys, this is z1mb0bw4y, i got 9 segments in the run, and fuck the other guys, this run sucks!


Haha the other guys were all saying the same thing! "I’m so happy with the run… ". The mood was so weird, I had to break it up or something.


Definitely! :smiley:



Cameron:D I already beat you to it, even stole your uploaded pic! ::slight_smile:

To be fair, I did kinda post it in the “wrong” thread: Awesome Group Quotes


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I love what I did to this run.


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I don’t think anyone actually posted the original Doggy doggy ass comment, so here it is.


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