Best DQer Comments


It’s sort of a ritual at this point to gather some of the best YouTube comments from the segmented speedruns.
I’ll start with one of the usuals.

Edit: I found some even better ones.



Is Reddit allowed?


During the commentary…


There has been alot of them posted on Discord, heres a few of them.



I love how many people complain about glitches in these runs. I would be willing to bet that if someone actually took the time to make a proper glitchless run, not a single one of these fuckers would make it through the video without their eyes glazing over from the boredom. I mean at that point its just a god damn letsplay without the commentary


Not to mention the run would have to be jumpless because bunnyhopping is a glitch.


Also, if you thought you can escape ‘cheat accusations’ on certain sites, you’re not right. This is from my reuploaded HL2DQ-er torrent on Kickass.



Holy shit what an amazing prediction