Best animations/videos out there?


I make this topic for everyone to post their favorite animation/video about a game in the half-life series (portal counts too), but only one video per person.

mine is this one
I think this “trailer” is really awesome, great skills to the creator. But if the real game was like this, I wouldnt play it so often, I would play it once, maybe twice but too much scripted events for it to be fun to replay over and over. I think that if valve had shown this trailer in 1998, they would get sued for false advertising XD


You’re thinking as a 2012 guy, not an 1998 one. Scripted events didn’t even exist before Half life.

Also, show me a game trailer that doesn’t use false advertising


I was 2 years old in 1998, how do the gamers of this time thought?
by false advertising, I meant that the trailer would have shown a game 10 times more awesome, so people would be mad.


Show us a trailer that’s not like that