before 14/03/07 (jerky demos recording update)


CODE half-life 2 episode one before 14/03/07 (jerky demos recording update) backup by doxliy readmeunpack anywhereif your steam is installed at c:\program files\valve\steam, just run hl2ep1.cmd or hl2ep1-fast.cmd else modify “basedir” line in steamemu.ini to folder where your gcfs are locatedit doesn’t matter if your steam.exe is running now or not because it uses steamemuafter first start maybe you will need to copy your config to “episodic\cfg” folder and demos to “episodic” folderp.s. all files in “bin”,“episodic” folders and hl2.exe are original from hl2ep1(before 14/03/07 update) by valve and clientregistry.blob, steam.dll, steamemu.ini are from steamemu3.63b by hCUPaQUOTE (doxliy @ Mar 19 2007, 07:21 AM)It allow to play old-jerky phase1 demos. Use it same way as hl2v7b2455 - unpack it anywhere with 7-zip or winrar3.40+, copy demos to “episodic” folder and start hl2ep1.cmd.Readme is also included.…;/fileinfo.html (6 mb)


Nice work! doxliy sure knows what he’s doing! :wink:


Computer programming baffles me. :\




Does this fix it?Because i can’t get it to work well…


This is a backup for if you want to watch the old demos. Jerky demos are fixed now, but it ruined all of the old demos. Any new demos should be played on your version of Episode 1, any old demos should be played on this.