beat the game host_framerate 1 (just saying its possible)


so this happened today.
thinking i could submit it for sgdq. (when its more smooth and such. also closer to sgdq)


Does high timescale give the same results? Because if that’s the case I’d use timescale since the speed multiplier it gives doesn’t depend on your game FPS like the one host_framerate gives.


I’d think it would. Since I run at 300 frames it should be identical. (I think if this where to bea category it should be an arbitrary rule that you can run the game at cap frames.)

(I think I run cap frames. What is cap?)


You can never get a stable FPS and I know that the game lags in certain spots.


If that’s the case, I’m gonna have to figure out what timescale would be identical to this (almost)

Sunset and i figured out that timescale 20 is pretty much identical. gonna do a run of that. see if it feels the same.

(if this becomes a thing, sunset and i both would like to vote that it is called Cancer % runs.)

Did some more tinkering and 40 is actually accurate for my pc. But it renders the game unstreamable. so i guess 20 works