Barrel Flying


I’ve fully examined this new flying method on a barrel. I’ve also made a tutorial, so you guys will know how to do it <3

Turns out that view angle doesn’t really matter in the technique. All you have to do, is to place the barrel in a correct position, before starting the flight.

Tell me if you understand everything in the video. If not, I will make captions.

Have fun!


very nice, good job.

I hope you guys get everything working for hl2/ep2.


Nice. Excellent choice of music too! Fits the video well.

Where is that music from?

Also, nice balancing of the music volume. We can clearly hear you with music in the background and good job on making that music louder when you’re not talking!

PS: Only word I did not understand was the second word!



The music is a Soundtrack from a game “Age of Zombies” by HalfBrick studios.

You can buy their album with any price you want from here:

If you want the album for free, just type in 0 in the price field.

The song used in the video was a Japan theme.


Sick find! I would have never been able to figure this out. 8)

Nice video/tutorial as well.





I had no idea there was a restriction in the direction the barrel faced.


Yeah, the hold brush (?) is off-centered, so the barrel is closer to you if you old it by the bottom.


So it’s only barrels that are this consistent?


I reckon the cube boxes work okay-ish. Not for extended flight like this, but you can get a reasonable height and distance I think.


DarkDevil was able to fly on a ammo box in his canals 1a video


Yes, that is possible with the supply boxes too, if you flip them upside down. I have a demo where I fly a long distance using a supply box in Mission Improbable. I could put it on YouTube, if you are interested.


In canals1a I can’t help but think flying would be replaced by some sharking abh collision boost. :’(


Everything in open areas can be replaced by ABH collision boosts. That’s what makes ABH so great!


Go ahead and put that ammo box demo on youtube! I’d love to see it.


i still can’t do it! i suck at flying


If someone still for some weird reason needs any video with long supply box flying, there it is: