BaRnEy ThE MoVie


yo peepz me & pineplee were buzy coz we wer directn a movee u kno :-*
njoy u pervs

spoilar alurt aheed (plot):

[20:06:54] quad: : | [20:07:07] .exe: wat [20:09:29] .exe: its just two barneys fighting together [20:09:40] .exe: if you look closely the one on top is trying assasinate the other with snarks [20:10:04] .exe: but the one who's on the ground has noticed it in time and did some self-defense magic [20:10:10] .exe: but the barney on top didnt give up [20:12:56] .exe: too bad we recorded this with 5fps :/ [20:13:23] .exe: ruins the action [20:14:05] .exe: you and your dirty mind

o btwz chek teh deleted scenez



ur muvee gatz e awzkor mb ukno


English please.


English please.


I doght de moof dem koolkid biā€™ness yang boy?

Dem krap dis be rib o ya kant!