Awesome Group Quotes


2:07 PM YaLTeR said: Here’s a question
2:07 PM YaLTeR said: Suppose you’re planning a segmented run for Steam achievements
2:08 PM YaLTeR said: If you, for instance, save, then go for a detour to get some achievement, then load your previous save, the steam achievement doesn’t reset
2:08 PM YaLTeR said: So how do you go about this?(edited)
2:09 PM girl said: dont segment stupid categories




(Trying to choose whether to use my segment or YaLTeR’s segment)

[4:59 AM] BitRain: how do we decide which is better
[4:59 AM] Griffin: !roll
[4:59 AM] [BOT] YaLTeR’s Bot: @Griffin rolled 22!
[4:59 AM] Griffin: both do !roll
[4:59 AM] Griffin: higher number wins :full_moon_with_face:

[5:00 AM] BitRain: !roll
[5:00 AM] [BOT] YaLTeR’s Bot: @BitRain rolled 80!

[5:01 AM] BitRain: can we decide
[5:01 AM] BitRain: i wanna go to bed
[5:01 AM] Griffin: @YaLTeR
[5:01 AM] Griffin: pls
[5:01 AM] Griffin: just do !roll

[5:07 AM] YaLTeR: !roll
[5:07 AM] [BOT] YaLTeR’s Bot: @YaLTeR rolled 81!
[5:07 AM] YaLTeR: LOL
[5:07 AM] Griffin: OMG
[5:07 AM] Griffin: LOL
[5:07 AM] BitRain: ffuck yoooooo
[5:07 AM] YaLTeR: fucking ONE UPPED
[5:07 AM] Griffin: ROFL
[5:07 AM] YaLTeR: Legendary
[5:07 AM] Griffin: OMG


YaLTeR rigged his bot :^)



From the #random Discord chat:
[7:30 AM] TheProJamer: I have a new baby cousin
[7:30 AM] TheProJamer: I proposed the names Jared and Gocnak
[7:31 AM] BitRain: yeah name it gocnak
[7:31 AM] BitRain: good idea
[7:35 AM] Centaurium: Rofl
[7:35 AM] Centaurium: Jared’s a good name
[7:35 AM] Centaurium: Also pro
[7:35 AM] Centaurium: Fuck you
[7:35 AM] Centaurium: I exist
[7:37 AM] TheProJamer: ik u exist
[7:37 AM] TheProJamer: Put your name in the playlist description thingy
[7:37 AM] TheProJamer: That’s what I based the comment of of
[7:38 AM] Centaurium: Isn’t it?
[7:38 AM] Centaurium: Shit
[7:38 AM] TheProJamer: It’s true
[7:38 AM] TheProJamer: See for yourself
[7:39 AM] Centaurium: I’ll check when I’m not driving
[7:39 AM] Centaurium: Because texting and driving is my favorite pastime
[7:40 AM] TheProJamer: lol
[7:41 AM] BSN ll bsn ll GFX: Living is mine
[7:41 AM] Centaurium: True but
[7:41 AM] Centaurium: What’s more important
[7:41 AM] Centaurium: Living
[7:41 AM] Centaurium: Or livng
[7:41 AM] Centaurium: Text and drive, kiddos



From #random on 26/10/2016:
[10:22 AM] BitRain: I just tried the early rising tourist method of waking up
[10:22 AM] BitRain: get up real early, eat something small, go for a 3-4 km walk down the beach, get home, have a shower and a coffee, and now im super awake and very relaxed
[10:22 AM] BitRain: highly recommend
[10:55 AM] NostalgiaRunner: I tried the school at 8AM method
[10:55 AM] NostalgiaRunner: Wake up at 6:30
[10:55 AM] NostalgiaRunner: fall asleep in my food, get up
[10:55 AM] NostalgiaRunner: brush teeth and change
[10:55 AM] NostalgiaRunner: drive to school by 7:50
[10:55 AM] NostalgiaRunner: 10/10 would speedrun instead of doing homework again, because senioritis has set in
[10:58 AM] BitRain: the trick is you don’t go to bed an hour before waking up
[4:44 PM] YaLTeR: You brush your teeth after eating at the morning instead of before? wtf
[4:56 PM] BitRain: why would you clean then eat
[4:57 PM] YaLTeR: So you eat with clean teeth and not an awful “taste” (?, not exactly taste) in your mouth?
[4:58 PM] BitRain: idk dude you do things strange in russia
[4:59 PM] YaLTeR: No dude you do things strange outside russia


BitRain: hey
BitRain: how is packsciences swapping between the two (Portal 2 robots) so easily
Traderain: according to packsciences
have a bind to record demos
bind o “record solo_coop_because_i_am_alone”
have a bind to switch partner
BindToggle “tab” in_forceuser
have a bind to reset
bind dancepad_1 “stop; disconnect; sv_cheats 1; ss_map mp_coop_start”
have a bind to skip the beggining cutscene
bind dancepad_2 “stopvideos”
PackSciences: How did you get my bindings?
PackSciences: Where did I wrote that?
PackSciences: also wtf dancepad
PackSciences: was I drunk?
Traderain: forums
BitRain: uuuooooh bro i had such a crazy nigggghtt dude
BitRain: i told some guys on a forum that i used a dance pad with portal 2 - packsciences
Traderain: lmao
BitRain: go home pack, before you tell people you use your screen calibration buttons as movenent binds in big lolly


#random 29/12/2016:
BitRain: Someone wanna compile me an early iPhone emulator?
30 minutes later (same conversation)
Centaurium: Whoa what’s going on here
YaLTeR: Jared we’re discussing the amount of penises on the internet


If I were to purely hypothetically have an entire 4 page google doc of quotes, mostly from SourceRuns people, should I post it

again, hypothetical


Do it lol


Didn’t check forum for a couple weeks but AS REQUESTED:

There are also quotes from DOOM4 runners in there, but most quotes are Source/Goldsrc people

Should I include anal.txt (which was a conversation I had with a few top TF2 surfers) and chicken.txt (conversation between me and chili about chicken)?




Msushi: as former portal 2 and Portal 1 world record holder I can confirm that I am a virgin


SourceRuns speedrunning scene 2018 btw