Awesome Games Done Quick


AGDQ is on SDA at the moment, and I’m thinking that the HL2 series is woefully under-represented. Now Jared, you’re our main American. You should be at these marathons, showing some amazing skips.

Blue Shift in 25:03 by quadrazid and rayvex

They did do Half life, and gavt a shout out to quadizard though



I’m actually the guy who did the half-life run at AGDQ. I gave shout outs to quad cause I <3 him and, if I remember correctly, I told people to also check out if they were interested in source runs.

Unfortunately as you all probably know, no scripts or mods were/are allowed. I spoke to mike at AGQD about half-life runs at the next marathon, he said if my run was popular (which it seemed? 5500+ viewers and lots of donations), he would be ok with me doing HL, OF, HL2, etc… some sort of Half-Life block (if they think people would be into it).

My whole goal of my runs are to get more people involved in running HL. I think a lot of people that are unfamiliar see a run like quads or SW’s and just try to replicate it but fail, obviously. I started doing just SS, hard, basically default everything and on most recent version. (I’ve been thinking of doing runs on older version for better bhop since I don’t have to worry about scripts)

The whole idea was that someone could see my run, go to steam, download, and replicate anything with enough practice.

I plan on going to the next AGDQ and trying to get some runs approved, I’m positive that i would be ok with HL and OF (i think BS run would be boring), but i would love to do an hl2 run or ep2 or something. Unfortunately with just my casual races against a friend, my time is usually like 3 hours or something… if there are some quality skips that can be pulled off without scripts, etc that I could use to cut the time down and have a better chance of having Mike say yes to source runs… please let me know.

Major skips that come to mind that I can do without scripts:
-the hover boat door skip in water hazard
-oob at lighthouse over the cliff behind the house where you park the car in the garage

Also there are talks of having a EURO AGDQ this summer, but it’s not set in stone yet, just talked about. I think in Germany but not sure. I’m obviously not going to that, but any of you euros should check it out… but like i said earlier, it’s SDA rules there.

Let me know your thoughts…


Do a HL2 Run! By the way, if you actually going to do it, I would suggest using an older version, because flying in it is very easy even without scripts. I remmember when I first got into running, I could fly manualy without any scripts. However, hitting spacebar very fast while flying is tiring.
Now about skips hmm… You could skip one map in Ravenholm by flying or some gravity jumping. There is an old Ravenholm run on YouTube by LightningX (video uploased by sugagsr) done without flying. Also, you can skip a map in Coast_07. Just do some jump with airstrafe, to get around the forcefields.
That’s all I could think of, but I will definitely check some more skips later and post them here. Good luck!


Awesome! Thanks man.

I’ll have to grab an old version, I still have my original DVD’s from the release date… I could grab the GCF’s off but I doubt it would run. Is there a version that is recommended? Does someone have the files hosted?



I did see this, but couldn’t get it to work. If you can. tell me how.

Could you bhop with the mousewheel? The Portal 2 run used it on AGDQ


Hmm… I haven’t tried yet but maybe the new GCF’s have issues… I can probably find some old copies and try and let you know.

And yes bhop with mwheel is fine, it’s exactly what I used also