Audio commentary


After I watched Halo 2 done segmented with audio commentary, I thought "hey, why isn’t there such a group audio commentary for HL2?"An AC for that run with some (or all) runners would be great.Well, it’s just an idea.


Meh, some of the old runners are still around and there’s plenty of people around here now who understand what was done in the run. It’s possible and it could inspire us to get back onto Ep1 again. :slight_smile:


I talked to an admin on SDA, and he says that we’ll be perfectly fine to do this if we want. He said it’s preferable to get permission from the runners, but if they’ve disappeared it’s no problem. I’m in occasional contact with Maximus X, so I’ve messaged him about it.So I guess we should ask o40 and LightningX how they feel about doing it too, as they’re two of the old HL2 runners and really the only two I know to be around much anymore. Hmm, might message DaleLewill and Suga too.Any others I should contact. I was thinking it could be any of the HL2DQ team who want to, then if there’s space, me, Typical, Foust and maybe DemonStrate if he wants to? Not sure if it’d be a good idea to have all of us in Vent at once, but it might work :DWhat do you think?


Since 04o and lightning actually took part in the run, they should be in the commentary regardless. I think we should just let them decide whether they want anyone else there.


That’s what I meant by any of the HL2DQ team, I meant that o40 and Lightning obviously get to be in if they want, then any of the old HL2DQ team that also want to, but you’re right in that the old team should decide if they want anyone else there.And thinking about it, most audio commentaries are from 1 person. It’ll be quite crowded anyway, without us. I’ve asked Lightning, he’s up for it. I’ll ask o40, then message all the other old runners, well, I’ll message Maximus, Suga and DaleLewill. That should be enough and those were the major runners I think. Bandit5k is no longer around. :frowning:


Has anyone talked to 04o recently. He seems to have disapeared.


He went on holiday for a bit I believe. He’s back now.


Did this ever happen?


Yeah, me, CooL and RandomEngy did it, but it wasn’t that great. A lot of internet cuts during the recording and stuff. Nothing we’d ever try to submit for it.


You should do it Pincus. We could dig up the two old HL2DQ members that used to hang around in the group that we made and you could be a part of it. :stuck_out_tongue: