Hey guys. Well, we have the low quality preview ready and uploaded. Any changes to it from now on won’t affect the length of the video, they’ll be purely visual or audible, so we’re free to do it now.

I’m open to suggestions on times, keep them in CET if you please, as I think we’re primarily European.

People to be in audio commentary:


Basically, get in Steam chat more often Niklas, and we’ll chat it out there, cos the rest of us are usually in :stuck_out_tongue:


Two things I’m interested in. Where are we hosting an (audio relay chat?) and who is recording it. ???


I’d assume a Vent server, and we can just set that recording, since it records everyone.


Well I’m not too time constrained so I’m going to let you more busy people pick more specific times. ;D


Any time today, but not tomorrow until 9? your time.


Anytime will be fine for me on this week.


This week I’m busy Wednesday, Friday evening and Saturday evening. Looking up CET times now. (SOLVED!) :smiley:

Tomorrow after about 2:00 I can do.
Thursday after 6:30 I can do.
Friday I’m free till about 7:00.
Saturday is the same.
Sunday I’m free all day. (I think.)


you guys should set up a when2meet for the next few weeks


Thanks thorgot, sign up faggots, this is in CET time


Great idea thorgot, thanks! Saved mine. Looks like we’ll be doing it late on Thursday. We just need Fox and crzyfst to do theirs, Fox said he’d be fine anytime, so just wanting niklas :smiley:


I guess we’ll do it the 1st of April at 22:00 :wink:


I’m all right for doing late nights/ all nighters to get it done. Also after college.


I finish college Thursday, so the late night is perfectly fine for me :smiley:


Same! Lets get wasted.


I’ll drink twiec as hard for foust/.

But srsly someone should try to get ahold of foust, I know he’s going to want to be in this :\ I’ll try to get ahold on him via ModDB


Someone change the date on that when2meet thing. April first was… a few days ago and we didn’t record on that day. :-\


I figure Jared can change it, since he made it. As crzyfst seems to have disappeared, we’re going to record at the next available opportunity. We’ve given over a week, and he’s been on ModDB since, where CooL said that he’d PM’d him and received no reply. I also PM’d him on it, and haven’t received a reply. We need to get this done, so I guess we’ll just have to do it regardless.


Um yeah, sorry for holding everyone up on this. I should have informed you beforehand that I didn’t want to be in the commentary anyway. Hope you’re not too pissed, but it seems like it’ll take some time before we’re able to submit the run anyway, with or without commentary. Of course that’s no excuse for letting you wait this long for a reply. Again, my apologies. Not gonna happen again.


Ah, okay. Well, as long as we know. Soon as we’re all online and have time, we’ll record the commentary guys.


Awesome. I’m free today until about 9:00pm my time… which is either 10:00pm or 8:00pm CET.