Aperture Deja Vu segmented run


I did something.


This is a speedrun of the Portal mod “Aperture Dèjá Vu” with the time of 53.805 seconds done in 14 segments. Timing starts when the crosshair appears and ends the moment where the gun disappears and the crosshair changes

In the past I did a segmented run of this mod where I chose the most fun route and never went out of bounds. Then I saw that you can basically skip all the maps without much effort and decided to delete the old segments and to start over.

This time around I chose what seems to be the fastest route to get to one of the two endings. The ending that is featured in the run is the bad ending, where you end up in the relaxation vault where you started. The good ending involves a boss fight with GLaDOS where you have to solve 3 puzzles in order to activate 4 switches and kill her, but that’s dumb and slow so I didn’t do it.

Unfortunately the mod was very unstable for me and crashed a lot. Because of this I sometimes took the first segment I got, if it wasn’t too bad, and didn’t try to get a better one. Also I am sorry for some bad segment transitions. The map loads were quite tough to make pretty since the lighting changed all the time.


Fun Facts!

  1. The end credits are longer than the actual run itself

  2. The longest segment is 6.825 seconds (455 ticks) long and the shortest segment is 1.570 seconds (98 ticks) long.

  3. I could only come up with 2 fun facts

  4. Wait that’s 3 now

  5. What the hell I give up


Wow, that mod is broken. 8)


well done, awesome run.


Thanks to the source engine :o

Thanks (°3°)/


ending credits took more time than the run itself, haha ;D

good job on the run, you’re a beast.