Any way to manipulate random portal speed?


Was just wondering,as it would really speed up segmented run.


segment before going through the desired portal and jump through it repeatedly until you get a segment with the boost


Well, that’s pause glitch, and doesn’t that only work going into a floor portal (correct me if I’m wrong about this)? I’m talking about, say, manipulating a boost out of the end portal in 01, removing the need for the stuckfling.


From my experience random portal boosts only happen when you’re near walking speed so it seems unlikely that it would help very much for a segmented run. I’ve only had them happen when both portals are on the wall and I guess somewhat surprisingly they seem to be actually consistent but incredibly precise. When I was doing the E00 Inbounds TAS I managed to accidentally produce one that was actually consistent.

EDIT: The both portals on a wall part is actually not true, disregard that.


Id actually like to mention they also can happen when moving quite quickly. I frequently get portal boosts from tstchmb_00 on the second floor when abh-ing to the elevator. The amount of speed I get going through that is beyond what I reach on any other level. (Excluding when I go for doorlaunch) but only when I hit the portal within frames of it opening, and just right.


The next time you get a demo of that, please upload it :3


not pause glitch. since random boosts are actually precise tricks, you can segment just before you want to do the random boost and grind for a segment with the random boost.


can do.


Ok. I’ll try that in a bit.