Any new tricks?


Or have they all been removed?


Orb flying is the only new trick that’s been discovered since the patches.

And the ability to go through walls which aren’t designed to keep you inside the playing area.


BTW, I’m having a little trouble getting the ABH down. I follow the instructions, but Gordon slows down, not speeds up


If your computer can handle it I REALLY reccomend this script.

SetKeyDelay, -1 *space:: Loop { GetKeyState, state, space,P if State = U break ; Otherwise: Send, {space} } return

This will make it a lot easier to abh and a lot faster too. (The normal script still works.)

When you first start to do it don’t bother trying to do 180 spins. It works if you start with your back facing the direction you want to go.

Finally. AVOID PRESSING DIRECTIONAL KEYS! When you’re first starting to do it at least.


Now in video form


Cheers. I just needed to rebind crouch


ABH is something that I’ve never really been able to do either. When I get home I must try that script.


Use the regular one, James’s script is weird.

Figured as much ;D


As long as something ends up working for me (Haven’t yet had a chance to look at that video)


I still use c for crouch it’s just my script spams way faster


BTW why does Ctrl for crouch stop you, but c boosts you? Any ideas?


You can’t spam an input key whilst holding down a control key. AHK views it as you spamming control+space for example.



Is this legit?




will be this used in ep2 speed run?


Unless I’, doing something wrong, it doesn’t seem to work


Coding is hard. I would recommend blamod if the single player wasn’t a little bit broken…


Nah, we’re not editing the game for them.


Yeah, but for general mess around this could be good? Blamod’s great but it would be nice to see an external speed run of Ep2 done completely.


Not for an official run, seeing as how you’re changing the game code.