Anticitizen One & Follow Freeman

Topic for the future:I maked this Topic, because i already found shortcuts in the both maps.Anticitizen One:Anticitizen One DonequickFollow Freeman:Strider Skip Anticitizen One: Is a complete map run.Follow Freeman: I found out a cool shortcut in d3_c17_13. You must kill the striders, because there is a invisible wall! I just flew over the wall, you must fly very high to get over the wall! I think when you do the shortcut faster, that you can complete d3_c17_13 in 1 minute! And you can do things faster as in the run “followfreemandq” At the begin just fly to the house behind that black “wall”. I alreay found more improvements there, im gonna post it soon.

nice :slight_smile:

OK, my improvements for Follow Freeman are done:Follow Freeman ImprovementsThere are 2 videos

that shortcut 2 was nice but I think we use flying from the window and it’s faster.

what skill level do you run at ?this hl2dq runs is made in hard so there wont be so much grenade jumps, maby you found a waay to loose less health.

i think easy, but i cant fly very well…Only with this objects i can fly good:boardbrickbikegate door (Anticitizen One DQ at 9:18)This are my favourite objects to fly.

OK,i tried to fly up to the house:Anticitizen One____ShortcutsThere are two videos :slight_smile:

Think you should speak to Pincus, he’s “apparently” master of those levels (i think) and claims to know the “best” routes. :smiley:

Downloading now and hey guys, nice to know somebody remembers me :)- Gordon

Hey, just watched the videos. c17_09 I can do in 10 seconds when I leave the room, um the level with the missile I can also do quite a bit faster, by flying out of the window. The last level run can also be done a lot faster than that, but in the same manner. I will post some demos sometime. Another one I know you can do it another way, and the others I am not sure, I havn’t ran maps for ages.Nice work,- Gordon

10 seconds?wow, can’t wait to see it :)Map with missile:It’s impossible to fly out of the window, because the windows are to narrow.

NOOO, my strider skip doesn’t work, because when you skip the striders, dog doesn’t open for you the way into the citadel :(But there must be a trigger…

Which current run?Is there a run for this map?

But i dunno what map you mean with missile, but i think you mean d2_c17_10a, where a big laser shot on you from the air.Where can i donwload the current run for the strider map?

But i tryied to get out through the windows and they are to narrow.Tell me the trick

You walk into the next room, wait for the alarm to go off, then the missile will break the window, then you can just leave from there. It is just above the force field high, so you can just fly across there, and go to the exit…- Gordon

Yes, you right, nice idea :)So, what time you can get on this map?