Amazing Crowbar Run


PROJECT CR - by rofi

IQ: / torrent
1.11GB, 640x480, 4 MB / sec, 60 fps

374MB, 640x480, 1 MB / sec, 30 fps

Youtube Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


He isn’t even past the first chapter yet and I’m already very impressed.


Got deleted, is Lowerlogic doing this one too?


Wow. I’m so glad I managed to watch that before it went. :slight_smile:

Seriously one of the most impressive speed runs ever. Some of this stuff could get used in the source speed run too. At least if I could remember it.


It’s not the same run that I’ve seen is it? It’s a SS run, crowbar only…


Nah. It looks segmented. It’s also Half Life 1. He did it in about 40 minutes.


Sweet, hope he put it back. 40min really?? i’ll be impressed. No dmg-boosts, no xen-teleporter skip ect?


Ah, hl1, and segmented. Sounds awesome. Let it be so. Any idea why it was deleted?


Aww dam, deleted. Didn’t get to see it :frowning:

No dmg-boosts, no xen-teleporter skip ect?

He’s pretty fricken smart. He taunts guards for grenades and blows up explosive barrels with the crowbar. He also pushes one of the weird things into the xen-teleporter by taunting it over it, killing it so it falls down, the trigger gimps it and he falls right after the thing.


Seems like he have been working on this for a while :stuck_out_tongue:


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


What can I say…? Amazing indeed.


That’s VERY amazing!


HLCR: Insane Quality 640x480, 4 MB / sec, 60 fps / torrent

Rofi finally got around to render out a better quality version of his CR. Mostly because the new investigated computer.


Thanks for the link quadrazid! I’m downloading it as we speak…




me very glad


I’m gonna seed all nite ;0