Alternate Strat for the fence in d1_trainstation_06


Hello. Here is a video of a new (I hope) strat i made for climbing over the second fence in d1_trainstation_06.

Hopefully the link works. If not, here’s a simple breakdown of the strat:

[ul][li]keep the barrel used in the previous wall climb, and bring it normally through the train car. Make sure the barrel is in the upright orientation or else it won’t fit through the opening in the train car roof.[/li]
[li]Once you are at the fence, align yourself on the left side of the orange cart. If you look down, there should be a piece of paper on the ground; Stand roughly on top of that and look towards the fence.[/li]
[li]Here’s the trickiest part. Now you have to move to the right towards the orange cart for just one or two steps and then jump at the cart knocking it over onto it’s wheels. Lining up with the paper on the ground make’s sure the cart tips over every time (as far as I’ve observed). This is all while holding the barrel and looking roughly towards the fence.[/li]
[li]Now take the barrel and place it on top of the railing of the cart that is nearest the fence. Done properly, the barrel will lean slightly onto the fence while sitting atop the cart railing. Now all you have to do is jump onto the cart, onto the railing, then the barrel, and over the fence. This part is the easiest of the strat, and can be done very quickly.[/li][/ul]
And there you have it. You are now over the fence and moving to the next map.

This is my first post, so if anything is wrong or needs changing please tell me. Thank you.

Also sorry for the jumpy video. First time at that too.


If you want the props not to lag behind in steampipe demos, set demo_legacy_rollback to 0. I think this is a new route, at least I haven’t seen anyone use this one.


Man, that trick looked pretty damn sexy.

I haven’t done SS running in HL2 for years, but I thought you’re never even in the train cart that you climb up the ladder from? AFAIK the fastest route is where you’re just on top of all the carts (after wallclimbing with the barrel over where Barney is) and never in one.


Thank you! I will definitely try that if i make more videos.

Interesting, I haven’t seen anyone do that before and as far as i can tell, sprinting and jumping isn’t enough to jump all the way over to that area where the fence is. If you could make it however, that would be be much easier and would save a few seconds too. Thanks for the idea!