All alone in S+ on the color tier list. Also co-op runs?

Hopefully someone understands the title. Anyways, I’m purple. Not necessarily new to speed running but new to taking it seriously. Used to go by Dubforce but I recently had a mid-life tag crisis and settled on Purple.

I’m gonna run Half-life 2, inspired by Noir’s AGDQ run, but I’m also looking for a co op partner for anything. I don’t care what it is as long as it involves good movement, lots of glitches, and heavy teamwork. If you are interested let me know.

“coop” ? You mean Portal 2 Coop ?
I mean Half-Life 2 hasn’t a coop mode.
The only SourceRuns coop games are Portal 2 Coop, Alien Swarm Coop and HL Idon’trememberwhichonethatiscoop.
If you need help with HL2, you can ask runners streaming on twitch (nowodays, Chili streams a lot so you can ask him). You can also ask on SourceRuns forums.
If you need help with Portal 2 Coop, I can help you if you want even though I am not very skilled.