AHK Problems with sv_alternateticks

For some reason every time I try to use my Bhop/ABH script in Half-Life 2 games,(base, Episode 1, Episode 2 etc.) It NEVER works. Don’t know why or how this is caused(It may be the fact that I move in slo-mo unless I set sv_alternateticks to 0). Its not a problem with the script, cause it works with Portal, Portal 2 and everything else. I have scoured the internet for fixes and have not been successful.

Worst case scenario: no fixes so are there any alias/autoexecs I could use in AHK’s stead?

http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/AutoHotkey/Scripts - this page might help you to set up properly.

the script doesn’t work at all or it works but too slowly to use it properly?
if it doesn’t work at all, try the game chat (or console) to see if you spam spaces in there, if not try to alt-tab and test the script somwhere else while hl2 is running, that will help identify the problem

It looks like the problem is with the script. I have it activated, and its doing nothing. I copied the lines of code straight from the sourceruns wiki.

EDIT: Nope its definitely Half-Life 2. Cause its working now.

See if you have any #IfWinActive tags and remove them.

I have no clue what #IfWinActive tags are and have no idea how to remove them.

Is your game running at a low framerate?

No, it runs at a constant 60 frames.

Do you use host_timescale?

Since I have no clue what that does, assume no. The only console commands I use tend to be the following:

sv_cheats 1
impulse 101
sv_alternateticks 1
cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1

dafuq does sv_alternateticks do

sv_alternateticks is the command i use to fix a slow-motion bug i have in Half-Life 2, unless i set its value to 0 I will run, walk, jump, in slow-motion. The weird part is that ALL other NPCs move at normal speed. So i use it to stop the slow-motion.

Updates the server only on alternating ticks. It’s the reason why portal 2 demos always have odd numbered ticks. (or is it even numbered? idk, fuck it).

That said I’d be willing to bet that something is wrong with your HL2 game files. If you’re using a legitimate steam copy, then wipe your install, clear your cloud data, and reinstall the game. I’d wipe the source SDK files too, since HL2 depends partially on those.

Also check your cl_tickrate, before you do any of that stuff. If alternating ticks is fixing a slowdown, I’d be willing to bet there’s a mismatch of the tickrate between the sv and the cl and it’s trying to fix it.

how does one check cl_tickrate? Cause when i put cl_tickrate into console, it says it doesn’t know what it is either.

P.S. I barely know any commands outside of the cheats
P.S.S Yes I said it, deal with it

Maybe that’s just a multiplayer game thing… idk, I’d suggest doing a clean reinstall of the game, because having to force alternating ticks isn’t really a very good solution, especially not for any kind of speedrunning

Having problems deleting the stuff in the steam cloud, Everytime I follow this guide
It works all the way until the VERY end when i go to check if it worked, and it looks as though I hadn’t done the process at ALL. Wish there was an easier way to delete cloud saves.

http://steamcommunity.com/games/220/announcements/detail/2110220177509243681 - Well this may fix it if you say the ticks are the problem.

EDIT: AHK still doesn’t work with HL2, but I don’t have to change sv_alternatingticks anymore. :slight_smile:

They’re destroying everything with their Beta versions. First Half-Life, now Half-Life 2 :frowning:

Just downloaded Source Unpack, works fine on that. Guess I’ll just use that instead.