Afraid of Monsters: DC Ending 1 in 12:35


Here is my first segmented scripted speedrun of the 1st ending of Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut in 12 minutes and 35 seconds composed of 225 segments. As a disclaimer, this run was made for entertainment purposes and no cheats were used during the speedrun. No times were intended to be beaten.

This speedrun was started in early July, 2014 and finished October 1st, 2014. Planning goes back until late 2013 on and off. I ran this mod in NGHL patched with the TASMod client dll (for Autojump, Ducktap, HUD features like speedometers and autostops) with scripts at an uncapped FPS (nothing over 500). I began timing at the first frame of nightmare map and stopped as soon as the final cutscene (1end) started. The run was rendered with a separate HUD for each segment so health and ammo aren’t “lost”, fov 110, gamma 4, and brightness 3.5 to make sure the run is visible.

Stream 60fps & 720p:
Commentary: (maybe…?)
Download: Soon

I also want to thank:
ruMpel and James - Creators of the mod
YaLTeR - Bunnymod Pro creator
rofi - NGHL creator
Arianon - Video editing help
darealshinji - Created an older Afraid of Monsters speedrun
GoldSRC community - For pushing me to finally finish editing this

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my speedrun!
A single-segment scriptless run on the current Steam version will also follow up soon.


Amazing run. GJ


So glad this run is out, hopefully this’ll poke a little more interest in the game. I’d love to see runs for every ending! Good job bruh!


Excellent indeed. Would it be possible to use these saves and continue to the other endings?


Thank you! And yes, it is possible to use the saves to complete the other endings. You could technically use the save at 5:38 and take a right instead of the left I took to complete Ending 2 or 3. Ending 4 would be taking a left at 10:50 after the ladder.


Never even played this mod but I can still safely say that this run was extremely entertaining and well executed. Nice job!

Oh and hey, if you ever feel like submitting this runs to SourceRuns (link is at the very top of the site) I’m fairly sure we would gladly accept it after reviewing it further!


I concur