Advices for Bhopping


Hello, members! I’m practicing speedruns.
But I have no idea how to Bhop.
I know there are two ways to Bhop, first one is strafe&move mouse left, and then strafe&move mouse right. I am pretty sure that I can do this.
And second one, Jump and strafe&move mouse one way, and on the air, strafe&move mouse other way. I have no idea how to do this second Bhop :’(
Would you please give me some advice or solutions?


I would recommend binding your jump to the mousewheel and using that for jumping or a script.

bind mwheelup +jump
bind mwheeldown +jump

Or using ahk:

if state = U
Send, {Blind}{SPACE}

You can get ahk here.
I would recommend practicing on bunnyhop servers in Counter-Strike. The admins are really helpfull.
I don’t really know a lot about Portal 2 but I am sure its not much different than csgo bunnyhopping.
My method is basically:

[ul][li]Hold forward and jump then release forward.[/li]
[li]Strafe and move the mouse to the left or to the right.(The way you strafe)[/li]
[li]When you are about to land start scrolling or press your spacespam script so you jump when you land.[/li]
[li]After you landed repeat it in the other way. If you strafed right the first time strafe left.[/li]
[li]Repeat 2-4.[/li][/ul]
For me this tutorial helped the most:
I hope I helped.


Yes, the inputs that you do are similar, but the physics are significantly different, so I would just recommend practicing on bhop community maps, or even just regular community maps (surprisingly this helped me the most, just trying to bhop everywhere in community maps)

The second method is technically faster, so you should always try to do that, but I have a really hard time doing it too. What I usually do is I circle jump and then do 2-3 bhops with the first method, then try to start doing the second method.

The most important things to remember are to
a. Map scroll wheel to jump
b. Never press forward (Unless you are starting a bhop, then tap it)


I can provide more information.

This advice from Traderain is (mostly) good:

However, I wouldn’t recommend using an AHK jump script. Most all people that still run Portal 2 don’t use jump scripts for a couple of reasons (other than that they’re generally looked down upon):

[ul][li]You can achieve the same results through learning how to scroll properly.[/li]
[li]Most runs that you will do in Portal 2 will require you to change direction, and since you can’t turn in the air once you get to as speed of 300 ups (units per second), you oftentimes have to delay one or multiple hops so that you can optimally maneuver. It tends to be easier to control individual hops by using the scroll wheel rather than using a jump script.[/li][/ul]
This tutorial is the most up to date one, although there is some information that was found later on:

Also, read this (it’s from the SourceRuns wiki):

In Portal 2, bunnyhopping is quite similar to the GoldSrc style; the main difference is that you loose the ability to turn in the air at about 300 units per second (ups). This is because of Portal 2's default (and unchangeable) sv_airaccelerate value. You can still gain linear speed through well synchronized strafes and mouse movements. If you need to turn whilst at a speed over 300 ups, it's best to delay your jump in order to loose some speed (or redirect your velocity by circle jumping).

Another main difference is that the most advantageous method for strafe synchronization in Portal 2 is slightly different from the most advantageous methods in other (Gold)Source games. More specifically, one will not properly accelerate if strafe key presses are exactly correspondent with the direction of mouse movements.

The most used method for Portal 2 bhopping is crouch hopping (it actually doesn’t have a name, so I made one up) where you hold crouch while bhopping. If I remember this correctly, this method allows you to accelerate faster, but your speed gain is still reliant on how well you can strafe and if you time your jumps correctly. This is the standard for pretty much every custom bhop map that I’ve played.

There is another method to increase speed gain is called Crouch Toggle Glitch (CTG). This allows you to accelerate much faster that what is normally possible. It’s done by alternating between crouching and un-crouching in between hops. There are two theories as to why this works with the second one being much more likely than the first. The first one is that alternating crouch states confuses the game and accelerates you faster that normal; the second is that it just gives you a perfect hop every other hop so you don’t loose any speed when you hit the ground (much like crouch-boosting in CS:S). For custom maps, it’s somewhat of an unspoken rule that if you used CTG in a run, then it has to be made clear that it was used. (I guess a similar example is that a scroll bhop run of a CS:S bhop map wouldn’t be given the “scroll” designation if the player switched to autobhop somewhere in the run.)

Here are some collections of bhop maps/challenges that are good to practice bhopping and other speedrunning techniques:

[ul][li]Skill maps by l1zardr0ckets/Goat:[/li]
[li]Workshop page of KranK (almost all of them are skill maps):[/li]
[li]My workshop page:[/li]
[li]Skill Maps from Sicklebrick:[/li]
[li]Workhop page of Jetwash_787:[/li]
[li]Workshop page of AnderssonSWE/Fargo (Great maps):[/li]
[li]Workshop page of Szeimartin:[/li]
[li]Workshop page of Blumenrocker/Marco (mostly airstrafe maps):[/li]
[li]Workshop page of turreu (lots of great maps and precision-based challenges):[/li]
[li]Workshop page of XeZrunner (a few good and not too challengeing bhop maps):[/li]
[li]Workhop page of Trophy/Jake:[/li]
[li]Workshop page of Rubiksimplosion (good practice/derust maps):[/li]
[li]Workshop of Pringid (lots of good maps with and without puzzle elements):[/li]
[li]Workshop page of Qqzzy:[/li]
[li]Workshop of Morgoth (almost all of these require the player to use a number of different skills to complete the map):[/li]
[li]Workshop of DillyDillXD/Weabole/GHOST (most of these are actually not that good, but some of them are, and there are a lot of maps):[/li][/ul]
There may be some others that I’m missing, but a lot of those can be found by searching through the Portal 2 Workshop.

One thing that I did to get better at bhopping was to sort of imitate the movements of players that uploaded videos (both custom maps and challenge mode maps), so I’ll link some channels:

[li]DraiKu (he doesn’t play that much anymore):[/li]
[li]Znernicus (watch the SS runs):[/li]

I’m definitely missing a bunch of names.

Try to look for common movements between what you see since everyone develops their own “style” of bhopping. One thing that you’ll see is that experienced players don’t use the “side to side” bhop, but rather a “straight line” bhop where they do 2 (sometimes even more) strafes per hop; if I am remembering this correctly, doing more that two strafes per hop won’t make a difference as long as you’re not in the air longer than that of a normal jump (because of Portal 2’s default sv_airaccelerate value). Other advice that I’ve received is to find a sensitivity that is comfortable enough so that you can have as much control over your movements as possible. For most people, this includes having a relatively low sensitivity. Turning off mouse acceleration also tends to help (there are some that have gotten good with it on, so they leave it that way.) Make sure to experiment with different strafe and jump timings as well when you practice bhopping (that’s what helped me get better at it). Try a particularly hard challenge and try to reproduce that result, and watch your own demos to see if your movements are smooth and consistent. It’s also worth it to find people that still run the game and as then for advice/demo reviews (KranK tends to give the best help).

Have fun.