Adrenaline Gamer agtricks remake


Hey everyone. I decided to remake one of the most famous AG bhop maps -
agtricks_20180002 agtricks_20180003 agtricks_20180004

agtricks_20180006 agtricks_20180008 agtricks_20180009 agtricks_20180010


Looks nice! Are the measurements for platforms (and other things) accurate compared to regular agtricks?

Also liked the race mode, cool stuff.


Thanks! Yes, i actually decompiled original agtricks.bsp and measured everything there. The only difference is last gap in room5 - the borders on which you suppose to surf are 1 unit lower to make it actually surfable. This is due to compiler errors (mby?) in orignal agtricks that led to different clipplanes orientation… i think.
p.s. cough-cough eastereggs cough