Admins vs Spam


Is it just me or is there a lot of spam/advertising topics being created (and deleted by admin) lately?

Anyway, I wanted to thank the admins or their awesome job at moderating this, it would get really messy if they didn’t

THX :smiley:


Creating a new thread in order to thank someone for deleting other threads feels kinda counter-productive. That said, I agree. Though maybe you should make it a rule that you have to have at least one post in order to create a new thread or something like that. Perhaps that would make it harder for the bots.


That’d probably get rid of a big bunch of them. Really think someone should implement it.


Damn the huge spam attack that just happened…
Got like 20 new emails about spam topics.
too bad I have no idea how coding a website works, because I’d surely want to help adding the one post rule…
Or you could make some kind of system that requires new accounts to be accepted by an admin. Then admins could easily prevent bots from creating many accounts.
Or you could also add a function that when you got under 10 posts (or another number, doesn’t matter) then all your posts and new threads must be approved by a Full member or something.
I really feel bad for the people that have no life except creating bots/accounts to spam nice forums like those.


Agree, unfortunately there is a person that mistake this speedrunning site to a porn site :frowning: