Admins/Leaders: Info needed for Magazine Report


Hi There!My name is Michael Grill, i´m a free writer for pcgaming/games and currently working on a brief overview-article about speedrunning for the german gaming magazine PC ACTION ( as there is also a small interview included, it would be best to make it with the current HL2-recordholder, as HL2 is up to date one of the most attractive games and still has many fans.quake - as the base of all speedrunners - is not possible, coz it´s forbidden in germany…I contacted your admin, but have still no answer from him, so i try it this way.can someone give me the contact of the current hl2 recordholder?I also need some basic info about the it would be great if an official of this site could contact me:michi.grill@gmail.comthank you very much, michi


Hello!I’m glad to see people are still interested in this project. I’m writing this in public because I don’t know everyhing, especially about actually speed running the game, and that’s what the article is about, isn’t it?I’m afraid some of our most qualified runners have kind of “disappeared”. If you look at the map times, you can see only three runners with more than two complete map runs. Max]I[muS-X has been away since the end of this project and bandit5k has also been somewhere out of reach every now and then. However, suga, I believe, is still at least passively active (last activity: Dec 1 2006). He is probably the best source of information about speed running HL2.I’m going to give you some basic information about this project. The original HL2DQ site, which was lost after a few months for an unknown reason (see the cache of was published in the beginning of 2005 by Tamale, Mythik and Matthias. Many runners and staff gave up or forgot about the project during the break.This board was created on June 19 2005, 02:06 PM. At that time there were only a few active users left. As time passed, some old members found us and continued running. It took a bit less than a year from that point for the project to be completed. A total of 14 members were fast enough to complete at least one part of a map faster than the rest of the runners. It’s hard to tell how many people were actually running; some never beat the current record, and some just tried to get a few seconds slower time than the record time for their own amusement and were happy if they could make it.The project was divided into two phases. In Phase one the main focus was purely on finding short cuts, tricks and routes. Some (mostly old) members only focused on finding new tricks and never even tried to speed run. It was also important to have people just chatting and encouraging others to run. So it took way more people to speed run the game than there were actual runners.


thank you for the fast info!Is there an active HL2-Speedrunner left?I just need someone for the Interview who WAS or IS quite fast playing this game for the interview… ther MUST be someone ^^it would be also great if this guy is still active in other games.thank you.


Well, your best bet would be Suga, about a month ago he was fairly active…Apart from that, I don’t think I’ve seen many other runners around :frowning:


Hi,HL2: DQ is a team project, so no single person did the whole thing. However, as Samppa said, Max]I[muS-X was probably the most deticated speed runner, and ran a LOT of maps.I’m currently looking into “Rock 24”, a mod for hl2. I’ve played it through a bit, and I will begin to record the “p2” of it. I’ve found some mad shortcuts/ramp jumps.

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