Additional Contact Information

Well, as you can all see, some of us fade in and out of these forums, and it’s hard contacting them again. Well, while we’re waiting for things to heat up again, I figured I’d ask the HL2DQ team members and prospective members to post their emails, instant messaging services and screennames. If you don’t want to post it publicly (I use the word “public” loosely here ;P), just PM me the information.It really stinks to completely lose touch with runners, and email/screennames are probably the best way to find them again.On another note, if you somehow don’t have an email or instant messaging service, I can hook you up with a gmail account, and I’d recommend AIM for instant messaging at, as it’s the most popular.My email is a115331n6343[at], I use AIM and my screenname is a115331n63436.

ICQ: 22994311mail: danlu911[at] if it helps to put nospam in the adress to avoid those evil mail adress colecting spiders out there.

Email : halflook[at]free.frMSN : Hlook_[at]

Email : SunburntPenguin01[at]gmail.comMSN : sk8pro69[at]hotmailcom:)

I’m bad skilled speedrunner for now…Anyways

I’m bad runner either, may be a 10-15 seconds behind you guys.ways[at]abv[dot]bg

dalelewill[at]gmail.comI’m on Google-Talk sometimes aswell…

E-mail: mhb3[at]cisunix.unh.eduAIM: chabo77

peternlaro[at]hotmail.comI have nothing else