adding people to The team on twitch


Do you guys add people to the team on twitch. or is it a closed group for just certain people?


Gocnak made the team since he’s partnered and I don’t know his opinion on this yet.

In my opinion, as the administrator of SourceRuns, the group should be semi-closed. Meaning that a certain level of activity on the forums or in the community in general is required in order to get an invite to the team.

Our Skype group, where we handle almost 100% of our “in-community” communication, was completely open for anyone to join in the beginning. This meant that the group was/is extremely cluttered and full of people who’s only sent a handful of messages and aren’t active what so ever.

This same mentality should be applied to the Twitch team. Since the Twitch team is directly affiliated with SourceRuns, there is some sort of reputation that needs to be kept at a high level. Openly inviting anyone who happens to want to join adds a risk that I would like to avoid.

Now I managed to make this post sound like this is the biggest deal in the world… But really, I’m fairly sure that most people who are interested in joining and we know who they are, are welcome to do so.