Adding 2nd audio track to existing video


sup? :>

Audio commentary is comming.
Does anybody know how to add a secondary audio track to an existing video?

it’s .mp4 H264 codec

help would be appreciated!


What editing software are you using?


I alerady have a completed video-file.
I dont want to spend 6h encoding it again.

I want to know how to add another track, with a nice small program probably, but i dont want to download 10 crappy installers that probably wont work anyway,

so im glad if someone knows for sure how to do it.



Ah I see, misunderstood your point in the beginning.

However I’m sorry to say that I can’t help you in that case if you’re not willing to re-render it… (And as a filmmaker I fully understand why you wouldn’t!)


Well for one thing there’s Yamb which lets you edit streams in mp4 container files. I’m not on a Win box right now so I can’t check if you can also add new streams (but if I had to take a guess I’d say yes). However, if you’re not bound to the mp4 container, I’d recommend using mkvmerge because I know for a fact that you can easily add new streams (video and audio or whatever files you fancy actually) without the need to re-encode anything. It’s always been the first choice for me at least. Cheers.


Excellent reply, cheers!