Acts of deception


I was going to share this information a long time ago, but there was always something else that made me forget. The idea is to see what kinds of acts of deception have happened to you or somebody you know.A man made tens of women trust their money to him abusing their beliefs, telling them he would multiply their money in a year or so. Many of the victims, including a friend of my father’s, gave him all their savings and some even pawned their cars and houses, too. Time passed by and they didn’t hear anything from him, they had no other deal agreement than his word. Some time later the deceitful man was caught in the USA continuing his exploitation. He was sentenced for over 200 years in prison. Being a Finnish man, he was allowed to be transported to Finland to face his charges. After less than two years he walked free. He had collected about 18 million FIM (3 million Euros).A superstitious woman used to call a prophet regularly. Once she was told that a black man will come to her door and he is willing to buy her house in the near future, and if she sold her house to him, lots of good things would come to her. After two weeks a black man was ringing her doorbell and asked if her home was for sale. He offered little money for it, but she agreed. Soon she started to regret the deal and tried to contact the man who she had sold her house to. He had disappeared and the house had already been sold to somebody else. There was no chance of getting her house back.Have you seen or heard something like this happen? It would be interesting to know whether people use basically the same ways to cheat other people around the world.


To be honest, I don’t feel very sorry for the victums. They’re the unaware douche bags which thinks all this shit is legit. lol, The Simpsons - “The Trapazoid”. Classic!As for me knowing something like that, I do, but I don’t have any details.


I agree, Most of the people who fall for that are just plain stupid sometimes. Then again, a lot of people in this world are.This barely has anything to do with this thread, but I thought of this when I read this topic. I don’t really believe in it, but I still find it interesting =D.