Accidentally created a VAC server with BunnymodXT injected

To clarify, I was running an instance of the steam Half-Life client.

Before BunnymodXT was injected, I was messing about in a user-created server.

I exited the server, injected BunnymodXT and stupidly went straight for a run and whipped out “map c1a0” without setting the game back to singleplayer first.

Another “Create Server” server was created and to my horror, VAC WAS ON.

Immediately exited and closed the client after seeing that but I fear the damage may be done.

Did I fuck up?
Did I dun goofed?

inb4 i’m the first BunnymodXT user that gets VAC’d

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I connected to VAC servers with BXT a few times by accident and wasn’t banned (after quickly disconnecting upon realizing my mistake). So you’re still up for the first BXT VAC ban nomination!