Acceptable mods


I was wondering what the general opinion is on mods for Half Life 2 which are acceptable to have while speedrunning. What are the general guidelines?

I mean, obviously things which change the game are not acceptable, but what about mods that enhance the appearance/change models/add things?


Small texture or sound mods that don’t give you any particular advantage are fine, like “Cosmod”, I think some HUD modifications are alright, like getting rid of those two lines around the outside of the crosshairs that show up on some builds. I don’t see anything wrong with SweetFX, just makes things look a little brighter and sharper.

Some tools are allowed:
It doesn’t list SPT, but if you’re running scripted, I don’t see why SPT and it’s autojump would be a problem, if not, use AHK.

Cinematic mod, but that’d be a whole new category because the whole thing is so different, you could probably find routes that’d be faster than in the unmodded game with the Cinematic mod.

You could probably replace weapon models and stuff but people would hate you if you did.

People who speedrun don’t really modify their game, in fact it’s rare, the only “major” mods you’d see are names of chapters, bump-mapped versions of the same textures or the credits, and on some occasions, a different HUD, but people don’t really mod their speed games to make the more aesthetically pleasing.


Awesome, thanks for the great reply ! Maybe I’ll check out SweetFX. Thanks for the heads-up on the weapon skinning, though I probably wouldn’t have done it. I just tried out cinematic mod and it was…crazy, almost like a different game. Uninstalling it at the moment XD

What is the mod/way to add my velocity to the hud?


cl_showpos 1 in console for the standard display. If you want the larger display, use Gocnak’s ghosting mod. There is info on his twitch page.


Im running Cinematic mod currently (Speedrunning) And it does not just change the graphics, all the levels are completely different almost, so It most definitely is a separate game/mod. Also, what paperboat said, I recommend Gocnaks Ghosting mod.


I am quite new to speedrunning hl2, but id guess everything but something like blamod?


Would “developer 1” be allowed? I’d assume so, it’s a good aid with clipping, a notification pops up in the top right that says “server stuck on: [map]/[model].mdl”, since there’s a lot of strats that involve clips nowadays.


I don’t see why not.