Accelerated Side Hopping


What the duck…

You jump

Mid air, crouch, look to the right, hold S and A

(or look left and hold S and D)

Same glitch as ABH and AFH, just a different tehcnique


is it faster?
does it work in deathmatch?


It’s not faster, it’s just like AFH.

Apparently people already knew about it without telling us.

If ABH works in Deathmatch, this will too.


abh doesn’t work in deathmatch


Yeah, I’ve seen some guy doing it, but couldn’t replicate it by myself. By holding S you lose speed, so ABH is still faster.


What is AFH?


Accelerated Forward Hopping.


ASH has been known for a while, just so you know.

Probably because it’s AFH.


Does anyone know why did valve patch those in deathmatch, but didn’t in the single player version? I mean, when you manage to patch to a glitch that can give the player a ridiculous advantage and allow him to get out of the maps legit, I figured that any developper would patch it in EVERY version…




I think multiplayer movement is server-based unlike in Singleplayer mode. That eliminates all the bhopping glitches.


Oh right, I forgot the fact that unlike hl1 bhop, abh (etc) is super random, so I guess it’s just some collision/hitbox glitch that doesn’t happen server side.


The jumps themselves aren’t random, it’s just the fact that you can’t see where you’re going combined with random objects that you can get launched on with ridiculous speed.


They don’t bother to update the single-player games. As long as it’s not something you’re likely to run into during play and it doesn’t break the game, they’re fine with leaving fun glitches in.

Multiplayer, it affects the balance of the game and so they patch it.

“If it’s a bug and you are exploiting it to do something neat then we are cool with that. If it impacts balance in multiplayer then we would fix it” - Yahn Bernier, HL2 developer.


Link of quote?


Email I got couple of years back after the Episode One run.


Pics or it didn’t happen.




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